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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

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About Our Doctor of Business Administration -DBA

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a prestigious, research-intensive program designed for experienced business professionals and executives, allowing them to advance their leadership and strategic decision-making skills while conducting rigorous research in their chosen field, making significant contributions to both academia and industry.

Full-time – A Minimum of four (6) semesters and a maximum of six (10) semesters.
Part-time – A minimum of six (8) semesters and a maximum of eight (12) semesters.


DBA Course List

The Doctor of Business Administration course list encompasses advanced topics designed to empower business professionals with the highest level of expertise.

Our DBA Courses


DBA Financial Management

Specialize in financial management, investment strategies, and risk analysis, preparing for key roles in finance.


DBA Marketing

Specialize in marketing strategies, and brand management to become a strategic & successful marketing leader.


DBA Entrepreneurship

Get innovative thinking and skills to grow, and lead successful ventures in a dynamic business landscape.


DBA Production and Operations Management

Develop strategic planning & logistical expertise to optimize business processes and drive organizational efficiency.


DBA Human Resources Management

Specialize in strategic HR practices, talent development, and organizational leadership for business success.

Admission Requirement


A candidate must have fulfilled the following conditions to be granted admission to the DBA Degree:


  • Possess the university minimum requirement for MBA admission.
  • Have obtained a Master degree in management sciences with a minimum of 60% (B+) Average Score from the Crescent University, Abeokuta or any other approved University by the National Universities Commission.
  • Submit a brief satisfactory statement of intended area of research.

Graduation Requirement


A candidate must have fulfilled the following conditions to be awarded the DBA Degree:


  • Register and pass a minimum of 18 credit units of both compulsory and elective from areas of specialization:
  1. Compulsory courses – 12 (6 per semester)
  2. Electives in area of Specialization – 6 (3 per semester)
    Total Units –  18 units
  • Presentation of six thesis-related seminars as follows:
  1. Conceptual and Theoretical Review
  2. Methodological and empirical Review
  3. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
  4. Pre-Data Seminar (Including research instruments)
  5. Stylised facts, preliminary and descriptive analysis
  6. Post-Data Seminar
  • A Doctoral (Ph.D.) Thesis of 12 credit units must be defended (before a panel of examiners of professional status).

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