Academic Planning Unit

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Academic Planning Unit

About CUAB Academic Planning Unit

Academic Planning Unit is a unit in the office of the Vice Chancellor and is directly responsible to the Vice Chancellor. The office is headed by a Director in accordance with the National Universities Commission’s directive. The director of Academic Planning is assisted by other Planning Officers.


The main objective of the Academic Planning Unit is to enhance the quality of academic standards in line with global standards and to ensure the actualization of the mission and vision of the University. Other objectives of the unit are to:

  • Ensure the provision of a conducive teaching, learning, research and development environment for both staff and students of the University,
  • ensure efficient and effective utilization of academic resources;
  • ensure strict compliance with the guidelines on academic matters of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and professional bodies; and
  • promote proper coordination and unification of interdepartmental activities to enhance development in the University.

Functions of the unit

The unit performs the following functions:

A. Quality Assurance function:

  • Guiding each unit on the operation of the University Academic Brief which contains the academic plan of programmes and services of the University; including the philosophy, mission, aims, objectives, academic pattern, curriculum, organizational structure and future growth and development plans.
  • Liaising between the University Management and regulatory agencies of the Government as well as the professional bodies (such as NUC, Ministry of Education, CLE, NMCN, ICAN, ARCON etc.) on policy issues.
  • Providing the basis for fund allocation to various colleges, departments and units through computation of full-time equivalent of student enrolment.
  • Obtaining up-to-date, relevant and accurate data for processing and generating information to guide University Management for accurate and timely decision-making on University matters (e.g. staff and students’ records, financial records, research output etc.)

Functions of the unit (cont’d)

The unit performs the following functions:

B. Planning Functions

  • Evaluation of proposals for the establishment of new academic programmes.
  • Evaluation of existing curricula, reviewed by the departments, for subsequent approval by the University Senate and NUC.
  • Coordination of curricula development for new programmes, and ensuring that the university complies with procedures and guidelines on new programme development.
  • Provision of input into the revision process of the university academic brief.
  • Strategic planning bothering on coordination of all the activities to ensure that every facet of the university community is represented in the decision-making process.
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Functions of the unit (cont’d)

The unit performs the following functions:

C. Institutional Research, Statistics and Publication functions

  • Coordination of university-wide survey to update data on key matters concerning the university.
  • Serving as an intermediary between the university and governmental agencies, researchers and professional bodies.
  • Analysis and interpretation of university annual statistics on enrolments, staff training and turnover.
  • Analysis and interpretation of university annual and trade statistics for making projections and advising the university on areas in need of direct concern and urgent attention.
  • Documentation and storage of information on university academic programmes.
  • Carrying out other functions that may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

Staff of the Unit

Aderibigbe, Adejare Amos (B.Sc., MBA, M.Sc., ACIB)

Ag. Director

Edun, Kafayat Ololade (B.Sc. Ed, B.Sc.)

Senior Academic Planning Officer

Adeniji, Quadri Tunde (B.Sc.)

Administrative Officer II

Adeagbo, Temitope Eliah (B.Sc. Ed,)