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The Law Library is a gateway to information. As an essential component of legal education, the Library collects and organizes information resources to support the curriculum and programmes of the Bola Ajibola College of Law. The Library is therefore committed to providing all relevant resources, services and facilities to facilitate students and faculty staff learning and scholarship.

The Library is designed to meet 21st century information needs of our user community with conducive environment for effective and productive individual, group and collaborative study. The Library is well lighted, suitably air conditioned and well stocked with relevant texts. It has enough sitting capacity with large reading desks and comfortably soft chairs. The Library is also equipped with fast wireless internet network coverage and multiple walled power outlets to allow users use their laptops and other gadgets as aids to their reading, studying and research experiences.



The Library has as its primary users Bola Ajibola College of Law students and staff. Other groups and individuals, from within the university community are welcome to use the Library after they must have followed the due process.


Currently, the Library houses over 8000 information materials in its collection consisting of foreign and locally published textbooks on different subjects, international and local journals on different legal aspects, relevant legal reference resources, conference proceedings, digests, foreign and Nigerian law reports, and other primary materials like local national and states legislation, international agreements and treaties, United Nations documents etc.


To meet the information needs of our users, the Library ensures the effective and efficient provision of relevant user-oriented services. Such services include:

  • Circulation services through which the library sees to the borrowing, return and renewal of all law library materials.
  • Processing of payment for library fines; documents delivery.
  • Creation of awareness of newly acquired materials.
  • Reference services by which the Library provides specialized and individualized information services, such as SDI and CAS to the users.

Apart from these, specific queries and questions from the users are also promptly addressed using the available appropriate reference resources. Reprographic, recommendation, bibliographic compilation services are also available.


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