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Programme Philosophy

The Department of Nursing Science functions within the College of Health Sciences to provide liberal and advanced preparation for prospective professional Nurses. Believing that professional education should be based in the University, the programme was established as a response to the national need of nursing manpower development. This is in line with the objective of Crescent University, which in summary is to provide academic and professional programmes for the advancement of learning suited to the Nigerian environment.


Programme Objectives

Objectives of the programme includes:

  • Prepare Students as Nurse Clinicians who will provide quality care to clients through their practice.
  • Educate Nurses who will be able to carry out research aimed at improving the quality of nursing care.
  • Educate Nurses who will be able to carry out research aimed at improving the quality of nursing care.
  • Educate nurses who can set up their own practice.
  • Produce graduates with academic training that will enable them undertake postgraduate degree programme in Nursing and careers in Nursing Education at the university level.
  • Educate Nurses who can provide advancement in knowledge and generate ideas in the practice of Nursing.

B.N.Sc Nursing Program and Fees


Freshers (100L, DE, Transfer)

Tuition: ₦1,653,000

Application Form: ₦20,000

Acceptance: ₦50,000

Returning Students (200L)

Tuition: ₦1,500,000

Hostel Connect: ₦35,000

TOTAL: ₦1,535,000

Returning Students (300L & Above)

Tuition: ₦1,300,000

Hostel Connect: ₦35,000

TOTAL: ₦1,335,000

Graduation Requirements for B.N.Sc Nursing

To be eligible for the award of the Bachelor’s Degree, a student must satisfy the following requirements for graduation:

  • The duration of the B.N. Sc Degree course is 5 years for Joint Matriculation Examination Entry candidates and 4 years for Direct Entry candidates. As a professional degree, the B.N.Sc shall not be classified.
  • Minimum number of earned credit hours for Graduation shall be 175 Credit Units for 4 year course and 221 Credit Units for 5 year course
  • Minimum CGPA for graduation shall be 2.4.
  • Students must attend 70% Lecture Hours.

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