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Programme Philosophy

To train students in theoretical, practical and applied physiology to make such graduates suitable to utilize the basic knowledge for future problem solving and other applications – like medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy etc. The graduates should be able to function as entrepreneurs whether in public service or self employed.


Programme Objectives

Objectives of the programme includes:

  • To train students to acquire basic knowledge of physiological principles.
  • To train students to have knowledge of applied physiology as used in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary medicine and allied sciences.
  • To train students to acquire sufficient practical knowledge and practical skills in experimental physiology.
  • To train students who will be able to apply physiology knowledge to life situations.
  • To train students in physiological knowledge sufficient for them to proceed for further studies in physiology and related fields of specialization.
  • To train students who can adapt themselves after schooling, to various life situations including entrepreneurship.

Physiology (B.Sc.) Program and Fees


Freshers (100L, DE, Transfer)

Tuition: ₦853,000

Application Form: ₦10,000

Acceptance: ₦50,000

Returning Students (200L)

Tuition: ₦800,000

Hostel Connect: ₦35,000

TOTAL: ₦835,000

Returning Students (300L & Above)

Tuition: ₦750,000

Hostel Connect: ₦35,000

TOTAL: ₦785,000

Graduation Requirements for Physiology (B.Sc.)

To be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Science in Physiology, a student must satisfy the following graduation requirements.

  • A student must register for a minimum of 16 or a maximum of 25 credit units in any one semester, provided that the total credit load does not exceed 50 in a session.
  • A student must pass a minimum credit unit of 150 credit for UTME candidates(4 year programme) and 120 credit for D.E candidates (3 year programme) including all compulsory courses prescribed by the Department and the University.
  • Complete successfully all class work, Industrial attachment, seminars and project.

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