CUAB Centers


CUAB Centers



The Centers at Crescent University, Abeokuta was established on 24th September, 2012 by the Senate of the Crescent University Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. The aim of the CUAB Centers is to impart specialized knowledge and skills in our students to make them attain high level of expertise in their fields of interest. To achieve this, an appropriate mix of relevant advanced certification and training provided by our partners; Microsoft, CISCO, etc.

Why the Centers?

The Centers at Crescent University inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship and skill building through learning and practical training in our graduate students. This is carried out by helping the students discover their individual creativity and intellectual independence while also fostering a strong sense of group co-operation. Whatever level of attainment you have reached in your career, our centers will provide the necessary learning opportunities to take you further. It is therefore our pleasure and delight to welcome you to join us to share this live time experience and opportunity.

Admission to CUAB CENTERS

Crescent University invites all suitable candidates to apply for admission into any of her centers as follows:


Center for Sub and External Degree Programmes (CESEDEP)

From the Pre-Degree, Degree Foundation to the Diploma/ Certificate/ Part-Time Degree Programme, CESEDEP runs the professional and academic programmes at CUAB.


Center for Islamic Studies Development (CEISDEV)

The CEISDEV is responsible for assisting graduates from Islamic schools in their deficiencies for qualification into the intermediate certificate programme of Crescent University Abeokuta.


Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTEC)

Empowering innovation through cutting-edge technology and fostering digital excellence in education and research, the ICTEC is accredited to provide various I.T certifications


Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES)

With the aim to turn students into job creators, CES empowers them to be future leaders through innovative education, incubation, and guidance in entrepreneurship and business ventures.


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