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We Are Upholding Ajibola’s Legacies: An Interview with Prof. Ibraheem Gbajabiamila

The Vice Chancellor of Crescent University, Prof. Ibraheem Gbajabiamila reels out efforts to sustain the dreams of the founding father, Prince Bola Ajibola.

The legacies are many. Just for the records as a States person, he had been the Attorney General of the Federation, the Minister of Justice. He had been the Ambassador to the UK and had served at the World Court at the Hague. So the legacies are many. After he retired from the World Court, he then ventured into the education line. One of the reasons for this was that he said when he was at the World Court whenever he introduced himself as a judge from Nigeria people were surprised because they saw Nigeria as a place where they did not care about education because 20 percent of out-of-school children were from Nigeria. This was a statistics that worried him that as a top ten oil producer in the world, our children roaming the streets. He applied for a licence to convert what was initially a residential area into a university. The licence was awarded seventeen years ago and over that [period of time he used all his property to fund the university with the assistance of a lot of philanthropists like Aliko Dangote, Folawiyo, and other people who shared his vision. He stayed with us long enough to make sure we were comfortable to move the University forward. Though we are surviving without him but he made sure all the building blocks were there before he departed. He ensured that we had full accreditation with NUC and that the subjects were what the parents would want to pay for, More importantly, academics, moral and excellence were his watchwords. All our students are residents on campus and we had students from every state in Nigeria, those were things that pleased him most.

What is the update on College of ICT?

ICT was one of the founding Colleges when we started 17 years ago. Management and College of Applied Sciences. ICT had been growing steadily because Baba was quite keen on ICT and saw it as a way of developing and transforming education delivery. In all aspects of our lives, ICT is fundamental, especially with globalization. The Campus has internet throughout and during COVID-19, we were one of the universities that carried on lecturing through Zoom and that was a testament to that investment because we started investing in the learning platform since 2017/2018 and when COVID came in 2019 we were ready. The idea of the learning platform is to support learning and to key into global platforms like MIT and Harvard materials offered free so our students will have access and join classes. What appeared innovative at that time is now common as most of our meetings are now held on Zoom. Technology and ICT are now embedded in what we do essentially. What is unique is that we have what we call “Campus Connect”, Hostel Connect – all our hostels are linked, and all our students can access the platform, and that has helped in developing strategic planning. A lot of innovations not available in other universities are here and you can see them on our websites and YouTube. 


What about the Nursing Department?

The College of Health Sciences and Nursing have full accreditation from the NUC and Nursing Council. We started with, they normally restrict you to 50 in terms of the number of students you can take and when they came to inspect. Baba was quite keen about having all infrastructure on ground, so that when the regulators came they saw that we were compliant. So, Nursing had been phenomenally successful. We had our accreditation in Nov 2023 and they increased the number from 50 to 120.


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