Works and Services

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Works and Services

About CUAB Works and Services

Works and Services Department of Crescent University is all about providing quality service support to sound academic activities. The Department main focus is on management of the University facilities, we combine the hard facility management and soft facility management to deliver a smooth running municipal services in the University. The hard side of the facility management are directly handled by the seasoned technical team in the department, while the soft aspect is factored out to a support service group, named Dukeland Park Limited, that handles cleaning and environmental services.

Our Team of Professionals

The Department of Works and Services consists of specialized Technical Team of Professionals coordinating daily and routine maintenance activities on all University properties. The Department is led by a seasoned Municipal Engineer, Engr. Abbass Muhammed Isola, FNSE., a Fellow of The Nigerian Society of Engineers and a COREN inspector. He is assisted by other Engineers and dedicated and skilled Technical staff in the major Engineering works viz, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil and Water Supply services and Mechanical services



To have a responsible and responsive works and services department that deploys modern technology and best engineering solutions to the maintenance challenges in the University.


To continuously provide efficient and effective Engineering Services that will improve utility service delivery in the University.

Our Units

The two major Units of critical operation on the campus are Electricity and Water Supply.


The University main source of electricity power is from IBEDC, we are connected to the 33 KVA national grid, it caters for all equipment power requirements and lightings. While the second source is via a cocktail of standby electrical generating plants with various capacities ranging from 500kva, 300 KVA, 100 KVA, 65KVA 30KVA that are provided to augment power supply in case of power failure from IBEDC. Furthermore, the university is presently exploring the option of renewable power supply via solar, to power critical areas of need, especially in the face of rising cost of fuel. Main auditorium, main library, ICT Centre are already placed on different capacities of solar power ratings.


Water Supply

Because of the peculiar terrain of the University, regular Water supply is reasonably achieved in the University via a cocktail of boreholes that are integrated with treatment plant to supply water and distribute same within the campus. The supply and distribution of water on the campus is mostly effected through the deployment ofa combination of submersible pumps of various ranges and surface pumps. A standby water tanker is deployed in case of emergency water needs.

Other units are, Civil / Maintenance and Mechanical units

While Civil maintenance unit handles routine Civil and Building maintenance and masonry works, The Mechanical unit handles the Automobile and Mechanical Maintenance of the University Vehicles and Plants and Equipment.

  • Maintenance of University infrastructure, buildings and furniture.
  • Maintenance, beautification, and cleaning of the University environment.
  • Production /Provision of water, reticulation of water, plumbing services and up keep of water equipment.
  • Management of power House for electricity supply, Generation, distribution and coordination of other energy mix, general Electrical services, and Electrical maintenance services.
  • Maintenance and repairs of University vehicles and equipment including cars, buses and lorries.
  • Maintenance and repairs of electronic and other equipment used in teaching laboratories of the University.
  • Other Engineering-related services in the University.